Providing loving care and
friendship as an extension
of your family.

 We’re Concierge Caregiving

When age or illness cause your loved one to become isolated, loneliness and depression set in. You see that your formerly vibrant, active family member is now experiencing limitations and is feeling alone. They’ve lost friends. They’ve lost family members. They’ve lost freedom. You’re doing everything you can, but you can’t be everywhere at once. Concierge Caregiving is there when you can’t be. We help keep your loved ones connected to the world beyond their walls, because keeping them connected keeps them healthy and happy.

Personal Concierge Services in St. Louis


In-home Companionship

We’ll come by for a cup of coffee, to talk about current events or just to visit. What your loved one needs most is attention, and we’ll provide it when you can’t.


Does your loved one need groceries? Have a doctor’s appointment? Need a ride to church? We’ll take care of it.


Your loved ones don’t have to give up doing the things they love just because doing them has become more difficult. We’ll go to lunch, attend a club meeting, go to the theater. We’ll do everything your loved one did before, and we’ll have fun doing it!


We’ve been where you are right now.  We’ve cared for our own aging family members.  We understand how difficult it is to balance all the demands of your busy life – jobs, kids, parents – and the stress resulting from not being able to do it all.  Concierge Caregiving is designed to be a support both to the aging AND to their families.