We’re there because
you care

We’re there because
you care

You find balance. Your loved one finds a friend.

Concierge Caregiving provides companionship, interaction, and engagement for your aging loved ones who don’t quite need in-home health care or assisted living. Our team members, called friends, visit your family members and help them perform daily tasks, go to appointments and stay active. We don’t provide medical care; our focus is on engagement and friendship. We work hard to keep you informed about the activities we have planned and observations we have made. We’re your eyes, ears and heart.

At Concierge Caregiving, our goal is for your loved ones to feel valued, appreciated and important. We plan activities that are tailored to their specific interests or needs. Our efforts are underscored by our core values:

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We are honest, organized and dependable. We keep our promises.


Recognizing the immense value and contribution that seniors have made throughout their lives, we treat every client with dignity and respect. We work towards mutual respect with our clients’ families, loved ones and trusted advisors.


With patience and generosity, we listen to the needs and voice of our clients and work on their behalf and in their best interest.


Team members are known as friends. We keep seniors’ spirits high and their minds sharp by providing enjoyable activities.

Meet Our Founder

Liz Burton, founder of Concierge Caregiving, was inspired to begin the company after seeing how her aging mother-in-law responded to companionship. In Liz’s words:

“My mother-in-law Flo was a very independent, feisty woman. She was in her retirement but running her local AARP chapter as well as volunteering at her local senior center. At 94, Flo was driving her 70-year-old friends around town when they no longer had cars. Unfortunately, Flo had a small stroke which took away her ability to drive although she was still able to care for herself. With the lack of transportation, she began to lose contact with her friends and had a decrease in socialization. I saw loneliness and depression set in.

The family was concerned about what we could do to help because we all held full-time jobs. When we introduced senior companionship, Flo’s depressed mood began to lift. She had someone to dine out with, talk to, play a hand of bridge with or take her shopping. She really needed the friendship of her companion. It was the positive change I witnessed in her that interested me in the senior companionship business.”

Liz is a senior Certified Companion Aide and is registered with the Family Care Safety Registry.  She has a BS in Business Administration and a background in human resources, accounting, event planning, and real estate.